Piano Studio of Denise Whittington

  Teaching private piano lessons in Owensboro, Kentucky

Studio Policy 2018-2019

Private piano lessons are given weekly in sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. 

Lessons are offered to children or adult students 

who are beginning, intermediate or advanced pianists. 

 Studio Tuition 30 minute lessons = $30

45 minute lessons = $45

60 minute lessons = $60 Studio Payments

  • Tuition includes private lessons each month.
  • Studio tuition is payable by month. Payment is due by the fifth of each month.
  • Invoices will be emailed on the 15th of the month and will include books and materials.
  • Studio payments can be mailed to: Denise Whittington 3220 Settles Road Owensboro, KY 42303
  • A $10 late fee will be charged on the following month’s bill if the payment is not made by the due date.

Summer Session-2019: June 1 to August 1

  • Students must take a minimum of 5 30-minute lessons to secure their lesson time for fall lessons.
  • The summer schedule is flexible and will fit in with camp and vacation schedules.
  • Tuition for summer lessons is due June 1, 2018.

30-minute lessons:

5 Week Session = $150

45-minute lessons:

5 Week Session = $225

60-minute lessons:

5 Week Session = $300

Lesson Preparation

Students should come to each lesson completely prepared. Students should have completed the assignment from the week before and have written down practice times in the Piano Portfolio. Students should come to lessons with hands washed. No gum or candy will be allowed while taking lessons. Student’s nails must also be trimmed to be able to play the piano with proper technique.

Piano Portfolio/Materials

Each student will need to keep their lesson assignments in a binder or folder. This will work as their Piano Portfolio which will track progress, assignments, practice times, and performance repertoire. The Piano Portfolio will include places to file handouts on motivation and practicing, scales, theory, and music history. Books and materials will be billed to the parents as needed.


Students should maintain a consistent discipline of quality practice if progress is to occur. 

Progress is directly related to the amount, consistency, and quality of practice.

Guidelines of practice are as follows:

 Beginners: 30 minutes, 5 days per week

     Intermediate: 45 minutes, 5 days per week

 Advanced: 60 minutes, 5 days per week

Recital Attendance

Students should have recital pieces memorized and polished 2 weeks prior to the recital. 

Students playing in the recital should expect to attend the entire event including the reception.

Role of Parents

Parents of students are welcome to sit in with their child for lessons. Mrs. Whittington will be filling out the assignment sheet in the Piano Portfolio. Students are responsible for their piano assignment being done. Parents are encouraged to help their child schedule time to practice and provide encouragement with their musical development. Parents should also maintain a quality instrument on which to practice. Pianos must be tuned twice a year and checked for other mechanical problems by a piano technician. Students can be easily frustrated and unmotivated to practice on pianos that are out of tune and have sticky keys or keys that do not play.

Missed Lessons 

Please let Denise know f you cannot make a lesson due to illness or an emergency. 

All missed lessons by the instructor will be made up or credited to your account.

Weather-Related Policy: 

The studio will call individual students if the need arises to cancel lessons due to weather conditions.

Termination of Lessons

The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student for lack of practice, disruptive behavior, or irregular attendance. I f a student chooses to terminate lessons, I would appreciate a two-week notice. Be reminded that tuition is non-refundable.